3/24/12 CLAW

In the long and often bloodied history of mankind there has always been competition. From the cerebral confines of the chess board to the bloodied sands of the Roman coliseum one individual has pitted himself against others. And what competition could be more basic, more primal than arm wrestling.


No armor, no weapons, no accoutrements of sport like bat or bow. Just two combatants locked hand in hand to test one another in strength and skill. Sylvester Stallone of Rocky fame even made a movie (Over The Top 1987) on the sport. And we in Charlottesville are no strangers to this crush gripping spectacle. But here, in the shadow of Monticello it is women who take the spotlight. I’m speaking of course, of CLAW, the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers, and this morning we’re joined by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell and Laura Galgano whose organization is having a lot of fun and raising funds for women initiated projects.

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