4/14/12 Hometown Banking

Piggy Bank


In the 14th century, wealthy business men in Italy would set up benches in the piazza, covered in green cloths called “banca”, to conduct financial business. From this humble beginning, banking as we know it today, got its start, and banks, have grown into complex, often international, institutions that offer what may be a confusing array of products, services and financial instruments.

Once seen as the Main Street backbone of American communities, banks today are now often lumped together with other institutions that have been the focus of the anger voiced by the Occupy movement.

My guest today, Glenn Rust, is president and CEO of Virginia National Bank, our major sponsor here at Real Life, and he has graciously accepted my invitation to join us to talk about what a community bank can and should be.


The Charlottesville Community Investment Collaborative can be found at http://www.cicville.org/…. Jennifer’s intro and description here …

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