5/26/12 Barefoot Bucha

Master Brewer Ethan Zuckerman and Co-Founder Kate Zuckerman

Entrepreneurship is not a new thing. Americans have been creating new businesses since before we were a country. Concern about the environment is not a new thing. The first earth day was over 40 years ago. And concern for others is not a new thing. Indeed it is as old as recorded history. But somehow, today’s businessmen and women have been able to combine these areas, adding unique and creative spins.

My guests today are Ethan and Kate Zuckerman, founders and owners of Barefoot Bucha, a locally-owned artisanal kombucha business here in Charlottesville which began in 2011, although Ethan has been a kombucha brewer for over a decade. And for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of trying it, Kombucha is a traditional effervescent tea-based beverage consumed for its anecdotal health benefits.

I invite you to join me this morning as we get to know these two remarkable people who have woven their concern for people and the environment into the fabric of a unique local business.


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