1/28/2012 CLAW: Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers

"CLAW came out of a joke between friends. Actress, carny, and entrepreneur Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell and salon owner Jodie Plaisance were having a drink together at a bar and decided to arm wrestle out of boredom. Jennifer won easily, and Jodie demanded a rematch. When that rematch ended in similar defeat, Jodie suggested weight training together so she could avenge herself. During these training … [Read more...]

09/3/11 Real Life with Jennifer Till: Pay It Forward


Would you give a kidney to a stranger? Would you buy a meal for the person behind you in the drive through, even though you have no idea who she is? There are people that perform random acts of kindness and charity every day. For many of them, it is part of their belief in the power of a simple philosophy called Pay it Forward, from the book and movie of the same name. A daughter receives a … [Read more...]

5/28/11 Real Life with Jennifer Till: Non Violent Communication


Communication. It’s something we do every day of our lives; with family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers. It’s often reflexive; we don’t always pay a great deal of attention to what we’re saying or how we say it. After all we’re just talking, or tweeting, or emailing. We do it all the time. So what’s the big deal? When we communicate we have the power to inspire, to inform, to … [Read more...]

5/21/11 Real Life with Jennifer Till: Transition Voice


Big problems often make us feel even smaller. We tell ourselves that we don’t have the resources, the knowledge, the skills, the...fill in the blank, to make a difference in issues with global implications. But not everyone accepts that premise. For those people involved in the Transition Initiative, or Transition Town, underlying its efforts are three basic beliefs: • Waiting for … [Read more...]

4/2/11 Real Life with Jennifer Till: Peace is the Human Way


How can we break down our belief that violence is an engrained part of the human condition so that peace is not possible? My guest this morning, Rachel Mann, Owner and Founder of Metta Knowledge for Peace, spends her time exploring how wisdom from indigenous traditions have adapted into Western settings, and she articulates how these practices can change our consciousness in a language that … [Read more...]

Life Happens

One of the really interesting things about live radio is...that it's live. So sometimes at the last minute, guests cancel or unexpected obstacles come up, but as with life, you're expected to "go on". That was Real Life with Jennifer Till this morning. So, in the radio station parking lot, David and I sat in the car talking about...what we would talk about...and decided on relationships. I simply … [Read more...]