Unexpected treasures

close up of an old violin

As those of you who follow the show know, I lead a pretty busy life. Between family and work and Real Life and my spiritual practice and working out and running and volunteer work and…well, you get the idea. As a result, I don’t often have time to just surf the web. Not that I object to it. Sometimes you find really, unexpected and wonderful things. Like a Stradivarius stuck in an old … [Read more...]

The family dynamic

The Family Dynamic

Writer Francine Russo is no stranger to the way a family dynamic can inhabit every part of the way we live, even when we believe we've left that family dynamic behind. A prolific author and journalist on the topic of family life and the baby boomer generation, Russo's work has appeared in Time Magazine, The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, and The Village Voice, among other places. The … [Read more...]

Diamonds in the trash

Diamonds in the trash

When things are going well in life it's easy to pause and saying a little prayer or mantra of thanks for what I'm receiving or encountering. I've tried to incorporate gratitude practices into my daily existence and recognize the moments when I'm feeling happy, light, in tune with things and basically riding on wings of joy. It doesn't take a lot to get there. Yes, a fabulous relationship, a … [Read more...]

Teresa Sullivan and the sexual politics of business

Teresa Sullivan and the sexual politics of leadership

All appears to be quiet at the University of Virginia in the short weeks since the forced ouster and then reinstatement of university President Teresa Sullivan. She's back at work, and even backstage plotter Helen Dragas, head of the U.Va. Board of Visitors, has been reappointed as rector, putting her in a position to continue pressing for the changes she sought with Sullivan's surprise … [Read more...]

Relaxing versus collapsing

Relaxing versus collapsing

Many a column or essay in the past half century (or more) has begun with the phrase, "In today's fast-paced society..." This implies that it's simply a given that modernity requires such a state of frenzied busyness that no alternative way of life can be considered. We should all, the assumption goes, expect to be going at 150 miles an hour whether on the highway or in our personal lives. The … [Read more...]

Needs versus “needy”

Needs versus needy

There are so many things about life, about being human, that are simply basic to our condition as conscious beings. Take for example, our needs. From the universal and everyday — the need for food, shelter, warmth, and sleep — to the more lofty — pursuing happiness, being loved and included, gaining knowledge and education, feeling safe — needs are one of the most ordinary aspects of  … [Read more...]