What do you wannna do?

Image of young boy working on coputer

“And what do you want to be when you grow up”? It’s a question that grownups, particularly older ones, are fond of asking young children. I liked asking the question because I was hoping to get career advice. When I was young, back in the dawn of civilization, I think most kids would say doctor or nurse or policeman, or (if they were athletically gifted) a baseball or hockey player. … [Read more...]

Can we dance our way to peace?

Picture of a young girl's feet and pink ballerina shoes.

When I tell people that one of my passions is leading dances of universal peace, I get a lot of interesting responses. Recently a gentleman asked me, “can you really dance your way to peace?” It was a serious question and I think deserves a serious answer. It helps to understand that the Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations are spiritual practice in motion. It blends … [Read more...]

Inspiration and perspiration

Inspiration and perspiration

I came across the cool meme posted above (by the inspiring Kelly Exeter) which says, "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do." This resonates for me as so true. I think about all the women (and men) that I have known, about all their gifts and the challenges they have shared with me, and I know that when I think of them I don't so … [Read more...]

Everybody say “om” now

Everybody say "om" now

You don't need a special invitation — or a special place or a special time — to meditate. But sometimes it helps. If you've never tried meditating it might seem too foreign to you. Or you may think you need to know certain things about how it's done "correctly" or that you have to be of a certain religion to even do meditation. Everyone can do it It's cases like these where it's MedMob to … [Read more...]

Beware the absolutely “no risk” offer

Beware the no risk offer

I'm not likely to go bungee jumping any time soon (though never say never). But I have heard that the thrill is like none other. I'd prefer something that felt pretty "out there" (climbing the glorious Himalayas on a well worn trail with an experienced Sherpa and a good mule, perhaps) but without quite the ever-present skull-bashing potential of the bungee jump. But what the two have in … [Read more...]

Diamonds in the trash

Diamonds in the trash

When things are going well in life it's easy to pause and saying a little prayer or mantra of thanks for what I'm receiving or encountering. I've tried to incorporate gratitude practices into my daily existence and recognize the moments when I'm feeling happy, light, in tune with things and basically riding on wings of joy. It doesn't take a lot to get there. Yes, a fabulous relationship, a … [Read more...]