Be happy!

Image of a man holding a sleeping kitten

 Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Lyrics from My Favorite Things Many years ago, in a time before there were blogs (yes children, there WAS such a time) I wrote a piece on the notion of happy vs. unhappy. But it was from the perspective of the Japanese concept of “mu”; which loosely translates to “neither this nor that”. In … [Read more...]

Random acts of eating

Picture of spinach fettucine with cheese

The famous British philosopher, Buddhist and vegetarian, Alan Watts once wrote, “the only sin in eating a chicken is in preparing it badly” or words to that effect. (He also said that if you listened carefully enough you could probably hear a carrot “scream” when you sliced it.) He wasn’t making an argument for vegetarianism, but rather, for giving full attention to whatever we were … [Read more...]

5/4/13 Eating Mindfully

Woman driving and eating

[display_podcast] Our lives today bear little resemblance to those of our parents and even less to those of our grandparents. Nowhere is this more true than in the area of eating and even in the foods we eat. Few of us prepare and cook the majority of what we eat and fewer of us still have any relationship to growing or raising those ingredients.   Our meals are often made by others, … [Read more...]

Getting your mind around this

Image of meditation candle on black background

To quote the late, great Ella Fitzgerald, “Birds do it, bees do it. Even educated fleas do it” Only in this case, I’m not talking about falling in love. I’m talking about meditation. What Jennifer calls “sitting”. Lots of people do it. More in the eastern part of the world, but by no means exclusively there. Meditation is not new to the western world. Marcus Aurelius (emperor … [Read more...]

Hidden beauty

Image of clown fish

  Hexagram 22 speaks of being aware of what lies beneath the surface. The empowered person appreciates those qualities which appeal to the eye, but places greater value on those qualities that appeal to the spirit. It’s a well known fact. We are all of us influenced by the packaging. Whether that’s the bottle for a high end perfume, or the outward appearance of people we … [Read more...]

Doing one thing well

Photo of young woman practicing zen archery

You meet someone at a party and ask the inevitable, “What do you do” question. To which comes the reply, “Oh, I’m an environmental activist, blogger, Lamaze coaching, long distance runner.” Not that I’m critical of such responses. After all, I’m a Sufi whirling dervish, radio talk show host, business consultant, and mother. But as more of us lead rich and diverse lives, we run … [Read more...]